Monday, November 17, 2014

Colder in Utah than New Foundland!

Note: We asked Maren about where to send packages for Christmas.

Hey All!
You can send the package to the PO Box. They don't deliver mail to houses here.  In fact, a lot of houses don't really have house numbers on them. It makes tracting quite the adventure. I live on Country Rd. I want to say the house number is 141 or 140.
You got snow before we did! And it's colder there than it has been here. The other side of the island has snow, but it hasn't reached here yet. Today might be the day. We will see!
The branch does a Nativity display each year. They gather nativities from all over the world from people in the community and put them on display for a week and a half. It starts the beginning of December. We are looking forward to it and the great missionary opportunity it will be.
We had a zone conference on Saturday with all of the missionaries in Newfoundland. President and Sister Leavitt came up for it, stayed the night, and came to our branch yesterday to speak. President Leavitt gave a powerful doctrinal discussion on the Atonement. In order to truly understand the Atonement we must understand the Fall of Adam and Eve. I felt very inspired and was reminded powerfully that the Atonement is the reason for everything. This is the Lord's work, and He doesn't really need us to accomplish it. He is hastening it and we need to be ready to be hastened. We need to prepare ourselves and our hearts to receive what He asks us to do. I've realized the past few days that one of the most important things I can learn to do is recognize and act on the Spirit. Revelation is everything, and in order to receive revelation we need to take time to think and to feel. If we are so busy running from point A to point B, trying to accomplish everything on our to do list, we can easily miss the Spirit. 
I am so grateful for inspired leaders and for answers to prayers. 
I hope you have a good week! Love you!

Sister Maren Renda

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