Thursday, January 15, 2015

Birthday Celebrations!

 (We realized there is a possibility that Maren could be home the second week of March. That is so soon. We have been missing her lately and are excited that she might be home sooner than we thought.)

Hello mudder! (That is how Newfies say mother) 

Thanks for the birthday wishes. We're having lunch with the Priests today, and I am making a fazookie. Mmmm. :)
Thanks for sending another entry from your journal. Those are definitely things that I have thought about as well. I was thinking about it yesterday, just reflecting on some experiences I have had this past week while knocking. It's interesting how I feel the Spirit more when I am talking with some people than with others. Your comment about how sometimes our contacts aren't ready for that powerful Spirit makes a lot of sense. A few different people invited us in over the past week, most of them because it was freezing outside and they invited us in to get warm. We had different gospel conversations with each of them, none of them willing to learn more. I recognized the Spirit's presence each time I bore testimony. It's interesting how at some doors, I could say the same thing, but I would not feel the Spirit as strongly. Perhaps it's the condition of my own heart in those situations, but I feel that the condition of that individual's heart has a bearing on how fully the Spirit will be present as well. 
With the start of a new year, it hit me how soon my mission will be over. Now more than ever, I need to be committed to the Lord's work. There is much for the Lord to teach me over the next few months, to prepare me for the work ahead in my life. 
I am so grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel, for the perspective it gives me. We are so blessed to have it! We should be the happiest people on the earth, for we know that God is our Father, that Jesus is the Christ, and that the path to happiness and peace is marked clearly. I may not know everything, but I know that God loves me. Simple truths, simple acts make all the difference and are the means by which great things come to pass. 

I hope you have a great week! Love you!

Sister Maren Renda

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