Monday, December 1, 2014

No Coincidences

 Happy December,

I learned some powerful things this week. Last Monday, I had a rough day. Finally just before going out to work that night, I knelt down and pleaded with the Lord to help me. We went out knocking on this street that we had been trying to get to for weeks. The name on our map and the actual name of the street were different and so each time we went out to find the street, we got confused. We finally figured out the issue and made it to that street that night. As we were walking along, we came to a track around a soccer field and noticed some people walking on it. We joined a mother and daughter and started talking to them as we walked around and around the track. We had a great conversation and then asked if we could come to their home to teach them more. The mother declined. After such a good conversation, we felt taken aback that she would say no. Sister Mangelson asked why and the woman became emotional. She told us about a struggle she and her family is facing. The Spirit was so strong as we testified to her about the Savior and His Atonement. We haven't had contact with them since, but I keep praying that the Lord will put us in their path again. It was no coincidence that we made it to that street that night. During our conversation with them, we asked them how often they came to the track. The mother said this night was the first time and that her daughter had been trying to convince her to come to the track with her for weeks. No wonder we hadn't made it to that street before! God needed us to be there that night. I know that the Lord answers prayers. He is so aware of each of us, and He wants to help us. The answers don't always come when we want them to, but as we go through those periods of darkness or confusion, it provides a stark contrast to the light that God will pour into our lives when the time is right. Walking away from the track that night, I realized the reason why I needed to go through a hard time earlier that day was that so I could testify with power of the Atonement from my own personal experience.
I hope that you have a good week! Christmas festivities are in full swing this week. The branch starts the nativity display this weekend and I am looking forward to the missionary opportunities it will provide. 
Also, had our first snowfall this week. It's mostly gone now. Other exciting things from this week. We visit a woman in a manor and she invited us to come see an accordion band. Quite the experience! One of the instruments was the ugly stick. Yes, ugly stick. It's a traditional Newfoundland instrument. She had a name but I don't remember what it is now. Betty or something.
First Snowfall

The Accordion Band
The Newfoundland Ugly Stick
Me with the ugly stick. I think I need to change instruments! Haha.
If you haven't already, check out the new video that the Church put out for Christmas at He is the Gift. Christ is the reason. Love is always in season.

Love you!

Sister Maren Renda

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