Monday, December 15, 2014

December 8 2014

This week has been an unusual one. We spent a lot of time preparing for the nativity display. We set up over 200 nativity sets, Christmas decorations, lights, and fake snow. It truly is beautiful! Last night we watched the Christmas devotional amid all the nativities. It was a neat experience. We participated in a town parade on Saturday in which we handed out candy and invites to the nativity.

Last week we met a woman outside her home while we were knocking (on that same street I told you about last week that we couldn't find forever). She invited us in to watch the Joy to the World DVD with her, her friend, and her two daughters. It was an answer to my prayers as well as hers. Hearts are truly softened at Christmas time. It is such a blessing!

We had a powerful branch testimony meeting yesterday. I felt the Spirit so strongly as the few members that were there shared their testimonies of the Savior. I am grateful for the strong members in this branch and their example to me. I have much to learn from them and their desire to serve the Savior.

We also participated in a community choir concert this last weekend. Elder Walker and I played a piano and violin duet of a mash up of What Child is This and Carol of the Bells. 

Hope you have a good week! 

Sister Renda

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