Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Greetings from The Rock (Newfoundland)

What a week! Saying goodbye to my Maine friends and being welcomed in by the Newfies. I didn't arrive in the area until Friday afternoon. I left Presque Isle early Thursday morning. We made a pit stop in Halifax, went to the temple with all of the departing missionaries (that was weird to be there with them, but I am so grateful I got to go to the temple! Don't take the temple for granted if you live close to one. Go as often as you can!), and then worked with the YSA sisters. It was fun to be back in my first area. Totally different experience being there in the summer. On Friday morning, we flew from Halifax to Newfoundland.
 Sister C and I with the Everitts.

Jamie and Delores from Presque Isle

Sister C and I with Brandy with her "Tree of Life" in the background.

Sister Christensen and I at the Halifax Temple

Fun fact about Newfoundland: the time zone here is 30 minutes ahead of Halifax.

 I am serving with Sister Comfort in Bay Roberts. Usual attendance in the branch is around 26-29. We live below Elder and Sister Scheel, a couple from Fruit Heights, UT. Elder Scheel is serving as the branch president. Most of the members are older, but there are a few younger families that moved here from the states. Because the branch covers such a large area, there are a group of saints that join us via Skype for sacrament meeting each Sunday. Once every month or two they make the drive to attend with us in person. There is a priesthood holder in that area that blesses and passes the sacrament to his family and two older sisters while we have the sacrament here. Technology is pretty incredible!

Newfoundland is beautiful! The accent is awesome, and I'm hoping I can pick up on some Newfie phrases before I leave the area. What a culture change from Maine to here. The work is pretty slow going. Lots of knocking, but people are friendly. There is also a set of Elders in the branch: Elder Evanson and Elder Walker. Elder Walker is a greenie from northern Idaho. 

The branch had a BBQ on Saturday and Elder Walker and I, as well as many families that are here visiting from the states, were "screeched in." I am officially an honorary Newfoundlander! Apparently the Newfoundland branches do this to all of the missionaries. Real screeching in involves rum, but we did the Mormon version of screeching. I'll send some pictures. They dressed us up in oil slickers, ate traditional Newfoundland foods, and then had to say a phrase in Newfie. It was pretty hilarious.
Being Screeched in. Newfie!

I am excited for the adventures ahead in Newfoundland with Sister Comfort. She is a powerful missionary and I have a lot to learn from her over the next transfer. I just have a good feeling about being here. Sweet is the peace the gospel brings. I know the Savior lives and loves us and that this is His work!

I love you and hope you have a great week!

Sister Maren Renda

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