Monday, August 4, 2014


Brandy was baptized this Saturday. Her confirmation yesterday was so neat. I have no doubt that it came directly from Heavenly Father to her personally. We are excited for everything ahead of her. She will be attending a YSA conference in PEI next month and she is excited to go to the temple. The ward is having a temple trip in a couple weeks. Maybe she'll be able to go!
Sister Christensen and I have had some neat experiences over the past week or two. We've wanted to focus more on others and have been finding small ways to make someone's day. Each time we go out of our way to do that, the Lord places someone in our path that we've met before but lost contact with. Go about doing good and serve those around you! God will help you find those that are prepared as you do! The section in Chapter 9 of PMG always reminds me that the best way to share the gospel is by living it. That chapter is a great resource for anyone who wants to find people to share the gospel with.
We also "taught" a family from the Dominican Republic this week. We didn't actually teach much because they don't know much English. We brought a brother and his son from the ward, who both speak Spanish, to the lesson, and they taught. It was amazing to feel the Spirit, even though I couldn't understand everything that was being said. We're hoping to start teaching them English and see where things go from there. 
We are also teaching two ladies who are Native American. One of them came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. She is starting to read the Book of Mormon and wants to know if it's true. We met with Roldena yesterday for the first time. We shared a verse from the Book of Mormon with her and she became very quiet and started reading other verses in the chapter to herself. Her eyes filled with tears and she told us that it felt so familiar to her, almost as if she'd read it before. God's promises in the Book of Mormon are real!!! :) The Spirit was so strong! We're excited for both of them to continue reading the Book of Mormon. 
Good things are coming. The Lord is hastening His work! Let's do all we can to be anxiously engaged in it. 

Love you!

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