Monday, June 16, 2014

The Lord is My Light

Hey Mom!

I'm glad David's graduation went well this week and that he is off to camp for the summer. Crazy. Do you feel like more of an empty nester now? Also, I'm glad to hear that Dad will be getting his cross breeze with the screen doors. Haha. It's started to warm up more this week. We hit the high 80s with humidity yesterday. We opened the windows in our apartment at some point last week or the week before and made a comment about cross breezes. Guess I am my father's daughter. I'm excited to hear about Jacob and Kelsey's mission calls! It's crazy to me that they are that old. No better time to serve than now.

This past week, we helped an older couple in Presque Isle with their yard work. Their names are Dee and Bill. While we were there, Dee told us that Bill's 83rd birthday was the next day and we arranged to drop in the next day to surprise him with a cake. The Elders from Woodstock were with us that day for visits and so all four of us showed up to wish Bill a happy birthday and eat some cake with him. Bill has a great sense of humor. He's always cracking jokes that remind me of Papa and Dad. While we were working in the yard, he asked me, "What do you call a cow that's born without legs?" Quick to the punch line, I said, "Ground beef!" He was surprised that I knew the joke and kept teasing me the rest of the day about ruining his joke. We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and then visited again later in the week to find that Bill has started reading it. We're going back again this week to teach them more. They are a funny couple and we sure enjoy their company.

Monday night, we stopped by a  woman's home. Her name is Kimmy Bailey, but she goes by Mama Bailey. Her knees are in bad shape and she gets around in a motorized wheelchair. She was so happy to have us pop by and told us all about the missionaries she has met over the years and all that they have done for her. She misses reading the scriptures with others, so we are planning to stop back again this week to read from the Book of Mormon with her. She loves the Savior so much and it's sad that her health keeps her from coming to church. 

The Murchisons are doing well. Rachel is hilarious! We taught them about family home evening this week and we brought donuts and a mini tree to share the story of the tree of life with them. They were watching a neighbor's little girl that night who is about four years old and she loved the donuts. After her first bite, she kept asking for more and more. Rachel would ask her, "Is that love of God good?" I am so excited for the many good things ahead for this amazing family. 

We also met with David and Gina again last week. I don't know if I have told you much about them. David was injured while serving in Afghanistan and Gina is a gem, just an elect lady. They have a four year old named Abigail who has the biggest heart. David has been reading the Book of Mormon, but has a hard time focusing due to medication he is taking for his knee. Gina has some concerns, but as of last week she hadn't even opened the Book of Mormon. Life has been crazy for them, but I know that if they make the effort each day to read the Book of Mormon that they will come to know it is true! We read Alma 32 with Gina last week and she told us she would start to read it. It's been slow going with them, but we are not giving up on them. I have felt the Lord's love for them SO powerfully. Persistence is key. 

The other person we are teaching right now that has good promise is Sam. He is a member's friend that we happened to meet knocking right after his friend had been telling him about the Book of Mormon and her religion. Chance? Nope! Our lesson with him and his friend last week was amazing. The Spirit is always so strong. It's just a matter of him recognizing it. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and really wants to come to church but hasn't been able to yet due to work. Fingers crossed for this Sunday.

Good things are happening. The Book of Mormon is such a powerful tool in our lives to change our hearts and bring the Spirit into our lives. I know that it is true. Keep reading it every day. My favorite scriptures today are 3 Nephi 9:13-22. The Savior lives and loves us. He has the power to heal us. We just need to trust Him. Myself included. :)

Have a great week! Love you!

Sister Renda


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