Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Canada Day (July 1) and Fourth of July!

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July to you as well! Transfers are this week. Sister Christensen and I are staying in Presque Isle. Wahoo! That means we will be in the States for the 4th. Had I been transferred I would have missed both national holidays. At least I get one! :)
So many mission calls! Crazy stuff! Next transfer (in August) we will get 24 new missionaries. The mission is basically being white washed in the next few transfers.

I love Our Search for Happiness, too. The gospel just makes sense. I feel that every time I study the Restoration. I always love the line in the section "Pray to Know" that says, "This message of the Restoration is either true or it is not." It reminds me of the talk from this last General Conference about Joseph Smith. Either he was a prophet or he was crazy. It's always interesting to me when we talk to people who try to walk this middle ground and sit on the fence about everything, who say they believe that Jesus was a good man and teacher but nothing more. Obviously they don't understand what He taught. He is either the Son of God or he blasphemed before God. There is black and white, right and wrong. There is no in between. The Holy Ghost teaches us the truth.

This week I was studying in PMG Chapter 12 about preparing people for baptism and what it means to take upon ourselves the name of Christ. I read Mosiah 4 and 5. I never realized how clearly King Benjamin was teaching about the baptismal covenant in his address to his people. He quotes parts of the sacrament prayers in some verses! Taking upon ourselves the name of Christ is to do as He would do--serve and lift the poor and afflicted, give freely as He did. Powerful chapters in the Book of Mormon. Take some time to study them this week. :) 

Glad to hear work is going well. We had a lesson yesterday about the Millenium in gospel principles. I'm looking forward to doing more family history and temple work after my mission! 

Love you! Have a great week!

Sister Maren Renda

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