Sunday, June 8, 2014

All Canada Conference ( even though we are not in Canada, technically)

 Hi everyone,

We had stake conference this weekend. Sunday was broadcast from Fredericton, New Brunswick and from Salt Lake. A portion of the meeting was an area wide broadcast to all of Canada. Funny, we don't even live in Canada. Oh well. The Saints here are used to being lumped in with Canada. :) Elder Holland, Elder Perkins, Sister Burton, and President Eyring spoke in the Canada wide broadcast. I particularly enjoyed Elder Holland's talk about Matthew 11:28-30. He spoke about how the Savior has the power to heal us, if we just let Him. He also spoke about how we need to be healers in the areas that we live in. President Eyring spoke about our responsibility to invite our families to come unto Christ and how the Lord will prepare a way for that to happen. Sister Burton spoke about how many of the troubles facing sisters across the world comes from not remembering our divine identity as daughters of our Heavenly Father. As I listened to her talk, I realized that remembering who I am will lead me to have greater faith and trust in the Savior. Elder Perkins addressed the youth about standing on guard for our morals and standards. He focused his remarks on a few of the standards in the FTSOY(For the Strength of Youth) pamphlet. He warned us to stand on guard for appropriate use of media and technology, for work and self-reliance, for service, and for faith. 

Sister Christensen and I have been focusing on using the Book of Mormon more in our teaching and helping our investigators gain a testimony of it. This is the tool that the Lord has given us to gather scattered Israel. Thanks for always reading the Book of Mormon with us as kids. I never realized how important that daily habit was, but it laid a foundation for the rest of my life. We visited a family  last week. They are a family that a member referred us to the week before. We read with them from the Book of Mormon and promised them that if they read it together each day that they would feel greater peace in their lives. We are going back on Tuesday, and I am excited to see how they are doing.

I hope you have a great week! I love you! Keep looking for opportunities to be the Lord's hands.
Sister Renda

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