Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day Of Pentacost

Hello from Charlottetown, PEI! I will be in PEI for most of the week on an exchange or two with the sisters here. It's going to be a grand adventure!

It has been a crazy, incredible week. Tuesday we had another mission leadership training, which included a session at the temple. Oh, how I love the temple! General Conference was so powerful and I am excited to go back and study these inspired words. It's incredible how every question I brought to conference was answered. I know that those who spoke are inspired by God. I know that the men I sustain as prophets, seers, and revelators are called by Him to raise a voice of warning and to be His mouthpiece on the earth in guiding and directing His kingdom. What an incredible blessing! The most important questions to ask yourself after listening to them are: 1) What did I learn? 2) What am I going to do? If you don't, you will miss out on the great blessings of aligning your life with God's will.
Of course, Conference is never complete without cinnamon rolls. I made a batch with all of the mayhem of the weekend.:)

Yesterday between sessions of Conference, Jeremy, Walter, and Connor were baptized! It was so powerful and it reaffirmed my testimony of the necessity of this sacred ordinance being performed the right way by the right authority. I know that that authority was restored to the earth and resides in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is His Church! I am so excited for all that is in store for these three good men as they receive the priesthood and invite many others to come unto Christ. The attached picture is (left to right) Walter, Jeremy, and Connor, Elders Craig and Woodbury, me, Sister Curtis, and Sister Gochnour. I just can't help but smile when I think about all that has happened over these past few weeks. The talks in the last session of conference could not have been more perfect for these men to listen to after being baptized. 

On April 6, I share my witness that Christ lives. His Atonement is real. He can heal us and change us into the men and women He needs us to be--like Him. Always remember, Christ is the reason!

Sister Renda

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