Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Week Of Miracles

I don't even know where to begin in explaining the miracles that Sister Lee and I witnessed last week. The amazing thing is that miracles are easily missed if we aren't in tune with the Spirit and seeking to see the Lord's hand in our lives. Many of the miracles we received this last week wouldn't seem grand, but they were real and powerful witnesses to me that the Lord is in charge of His work and that He loves all of His children.

As a mission, we have been focusing on increasing our faith and skill as missionaries. Faith without works is dead. Works without faith is dead also. As missionaries, we seek for the Lord's inspiration in setting goals for each day and each week. As I have worked with Sister Lee, my understanding of faith in setting goals and making plans and then working as hard as we can to accomplish what the Lord wants us to do has dramatically changed. Much of the time, the plans we make and expect to fulfil those goals fall through. This last week, we pushed and worked to accomplish our goals as the Lord wanted us to accomplish them. It was incredible to look back at the end of the week and see how the Lord provided a way for us to accomplish each of our goals, even though we had no idea how He would. 

One particular night stands out. A series of events led to us spending an evening working in the Hantsport area. One by one, each of our plans fell through and we proceeded to knock a street that we chose the night before. It seemed like any other night of knocking. A young girl named Christine answered the third door that we knocked on. We chatted for a bit and then she invited us in. We invited her to listen to the message we share and she accepted. The Spirit was so strong in our lesson with her! She told us as we were leaving that she was skeptical when she opened the door, but in our lesson with her, she felt closer to God than in fifteen years of attending church. As Sister Lee and I left, we both just looked at each other in disbelief of what had just occurred. Reflecting back on everything that led us to Christine's door, I have no doubt that the Lord's hand was in all of it. I didn't see it when it was happening. I could have easily been frustrated with each change of plan that led us to be in Hantsport and knocking at that time. When things go wrong, when we experience change, remember that the Master is at work. Trust in His plan. Act in faith and maintain hope when things don't go the way we want or foresee. He has a greater work to accomplish. 

General Conference was AMAZING! I know that Heavenly Father speaks through His chosen servants. There is a living Prophet on the earth!!! We are so blessed to live in this day and age. There is a great work ahead. Our own testimonies and conversion will provide us with the assurance and safety we need in the coming years. There was a great urgency in many of the messages shared in Conference, and as Sister Lee and I talked about that urgency, we came to the conclusion that what matters most is that we follow the Savior. If you are prepared, you shall not fear. 

Have a great week! :)

Sister Renda

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