Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rain, Hot Chocolate, and Scrabble

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for sending those comments to me from the blog. (Note form Lory: I am actually the one who posts Maren's letter each week, she does not get a chance to read the blog. If you want to send a comment to her it is best to email her directly.) Do you know if my camera has a warranty for a year or something? It's broken. Sad day, eh? I think the cold got to it. I'm thinking I will send it home to you this week or next. I'm looking forward to hearing what will happen with the stake. Splitting it! Wow.

For Valentine's Day this week, we handed out free hot chocolate in downtown Wolfville. It rained that day, so we were pretty wet by the end, but it was worth it. After that we went to a nursing home and played games there. We go each week for what they call "Happy Hour" which usually consists of board games or baking or something fun like that. Each week I play Scrabble. I'm getting pretty good. The ladies I play with are fun. It was also Sister Aslett's birthday on Friday, so we went to dinner with a less active member from England.  Sister Aslett and Sister Pizzey met her during last transfer or the transfer before. She and her husband live in Kentville. We love them both and want so much to help them.

The Elders have been teaching a family. The parents are being baptized this Friday. They got married the day after Valentine's Day. Sister Aslett and I attended the wedding, the second one I have been to on my mission. Never would have thought I would attend so many weddings as a missionary! We are excited for them. They have four kids. Hopefully in time, their kids will also have the desire to be baptized. 

Some of the people we are teaching are taking steps towards baptism, which is exciting. We had a lesson this week with someone we meet the first week of the transfer in downtown Wolfville. We invited him to church when we first met him and he came twice to church before we could even have a lesson with him. He is a rather reserved guy, in his late twenties. He told us this week that he has been thinking more about baptism and wants to take the steps and make the changes in his life to be baptized. He has great desires and a solid understanding of Christianity. We are excited for the progress that he will continue to make! 
Next week is transfers, so on Sunday, I will find out what's ahead for next transfer.

Sister Aslett and I are working on going through the ward list to identify and update information at the request of Bishop Spinney. President Monson's counsel to find the lost sheep came to mind as we were calling people yesterday. (Church was cancelled yesterday due to a storm, so we spent the day going through the ward list.) It's sad that many members seem to fall between the cracks or choose to distance themselves from the church. All we can do is reach out to them in love and invite them to come back. 

I learned a really valuable lesson this week about teaching to people's needs and trusting in the Lord's timing for each of His children. We are teaching a young mother. Sister Pizzey and Sister Aslett were teaching her for a bit, but didn't feel like she was progressing. They stopped visiting her, and a few weeks ago she contacted one of the members and asked them why the sisters stopped coming by and requested that they come back. So we have started teaching her again. After a lesson with her and a member named Sister Bond this past week, I realized that some people need time. Each person's journey to coming to know the truth is going to be different. The Lord understands each of our circumstances perfectly. My role as a missionary is to be in tune with the Spirit and to do and say what the Savior would say and do if He were here Himself. I can't force my "agenda" as a missionary. I can invite and testify with boldness, but it is only successful if I do so with the Spirit and with love. 

Have a great week! Enjoy the warmth while it lasts!

Sister Renda

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