Wednesday, December 18, 2013

BIG Snowstorm!

We had a big snowstorm yesterday that resulted in church being cancelled. We stayed inside all day, planning and making appointments for the week, organizing, and what not. We didn't get much snow out of it, but the winds were really strong. Sister Laxton and I were both sad that they cancelled church because we had six investigators who said they would come to church yesterday. Oh well, the Lord knows the intents of our hearts, right? The different thing about the snow here is that it will snow, then the temperatures will rise and it turns to rain. In the morning there is a layer of ice on top of everything. Fun stuff, eh? :) I don't know what the plan is for calling home/skyping. I'm pretty positive Sister Laxton and I are planning to to Skype, but we don't know if we will do that at a member's house or at the church. What time would work best? I have to remember that we are three hours ahead of y'all. What if I try to contact you around 10 am your time?
This last week was different. All of the students we are teaching or that we have contacted didn't want to meet with us because of finals. We also had a flat tire on Wednesday that threw all of our plans off for that day. We discovered it pulling out of our apartment complex, luckily. Even more of a tender mercy was that one of our investigators (Ibrahim) and his friend happened to walk by and changed it for us! Amazing! We were so grateful. Both of them came to Institute on Friday. We also had another of our investigators come to Institute last week. Even though it was a rough week, good things still happened. 
That's exciting about Sierra Dodson! Peru!
Christmas concerts are this weekend. Friday will be at Greenwood and Saturday will be in Truro. We're playing some pieces from Handel's Messiah and doing a lot of choral Christmas hymns. Hopefully it goes well! Love you all!
Sister Maren Renda

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