Sunday, March 8, 2015

There is Sunshine In My Soul Today (Even if there isn't any outside)

Another amazing week! AH! I just love being a missionary! There are so many incredible things happening right now in Amherst and I feel so blessed to be here right now. Next Sunday is transfer letter day. It's come so quickly. I just feel like I arrived in Amherst. I hope that I get to stay here next transfer with Sister Gochnour...but I know that whatever happens is what the Lord wants.

Walter came to church yesterday for the first time and he loved it! We learned that he met with missionaries about ten years ago and came to church in Amherst. He is so happy, which is so amazing because when we first started meeting with him, he struggled with feeling purpose in life. He is smoke-free now since January 1, the longest time in 35 years that he has stayed smoke-free. He quit before we started teaching him and he is experiencing tremendous blessings for keeping the commandments of God. 

Another miracle this week was meeting a young man who never felt like he found answers to his questions about religion. He was pretty skeptical about talking to us at first, but we were able to testify of the Book of Mormon and give him a copy of it. He told us he would start reading it that night. It's such an incredible feeling to find someone who is prepared like that.

I hope you all have a great week! I know that this is the Lord's work and He is aware of each of us and our needs. Love you!

Sister Renda
Yes, that is a car!!

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