Saturday, September 27, 2014

Love As The Savior

Thanks for sharing those things with me, Mom. I will definitely have to remember that story about standing at the door. That is what the Savior does. Too often I get stuck in this rut as a missionary, just feeling like this is what I do and not having the feeling behind it. That was a good reminder to me that I am called to represent the Lord Jesus Christ and to do the very things He would do if He were here. One of the greatest challenges in the time that we are living in is not allowing ourselves to be past feeling. Keeping our hearts soft is hard when there is so much evil in the world or when as a missionary or a disciple we face rejection each day. The Lord requires our hearts and that includes our ability to feel, to love, to have compassion as the Savior would. That's something I have been thinking about recently. That goes along with having a vision, too, like that sister missionary spoke about. True desire comes from the heart. Great talk to read about having a vision: "However Long and Hard the Road" by Elder Holland. You can find it on

We are still teaching Brendan. We met with him almost every day this past week. Every thing we share with him, he soaks up. He is excited for his baptism in October. His wife, Wanda, is supportive of him, but is a little hesitant of learning. In her own time, hopefully she too will want to know that Christ's Church has been restored.
I've started reading the Book of Mormon again to really study it. I'm highlighting according to each of the lessons in PMG. It's amazing how much the first few chapters of Nephi teach about the principles of the Restoration. 
I love you! Thanks for everything, Mom! I hope that you and Dad and David are receiving the blessings for me serving as well. As hard as it is to be a missionary, I know that it's worth it. The CES devotional last night by Elder Christofferson reminded me of that. Lose your life for His sake and you shall find it. 

Have a great week!
Sister Renda


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