Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Safe Arrival

Your daughters have all arrived safely, have been fed and now are in bed going to sleep. They all arrived in good spirits. The group got separated in Toronto and half came on the planned flight and the other half had problems with their tickets and were put on a later flight arriving about one and a half hours later.

It was not a problem as we are only about 15 minutes from the airport. We took the first group home, fed them and got them straightened around just in time to go and pick up the second group.

They all have their assignments and they range from Newfoundland, to Halifax to Prince Edward Island. They will be orientated tomorrow starting at 6:30 with our daily exercise program. After a full day of training they will go out with the local missionaries and do some street contacting.

They will then come back to the mission home at around 7:00 have supper and retire to bed early as they will leave for their various assignments early on Thursday morning.

They are a great group and I am confident that they will make a significant contribution to the mission. Thank you for sending them and for your ongoing love and support.

President Leavitt

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